I'm searching for a driver but keep finding firmware update, is it possible to find a driver?

I'm searching for adata sx900 "driver", I need to put it on a usb key so I can try to install it my half dead computer. Its currently not recogonizing this SSD hard drive at all (no matter how many combinations of Sata plug ins i try) so I've launched the Windows 7 Installation DVD and now for it to detect the hard drive it wants the driver. But the official Adata website has a firmware update and a firmware updating tool which only works once you are already in windows (which is where I'm hoping to get).

Is there any way to find a driver online? I've done the basic google search but it lead me nowhere so I'm wondering if anyone has experienced similar problem and can help me out.
XPG SX900 Solid State Drive 256GB
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  1. It's about the SATA driver. What motherboard using?
  2. alexoiu said:
    It's about the SATA driver. What motherboard using?

    M5A99FX PRO R2.0
    So you are saying I need a motherboard driver and that will allow me to detect the hard drive?
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    When asked where to install Windows, is the SSD listed?
    If not, is it connected using a SATA 3 cable (one of the SATA cables that came with the board)?
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