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So I recently purchase the Evga Gtx 780 FTW edition from newegg and I have to say it is really nice. So nice that I've considered getting another to put the final touch on my rig and max all my games (I'm on a 1440p monitor). My question for all of you is that since I no longer need the holiday bundle deal I was looking to grab one from ebay for cheaper. I managed to find one for about $430 however it is not the FTW edition, instead it is the SC edition. I wanted to try and get identical cards for cosmetic reason as well as clock speeds. I don't have an issue with clock speeds because I can easily change them to match. The issue I come into is there any difference on the cards to the cooler/color of the cooler? I've seen pictures and all I can see is the little sticker changed from FTW to SC. Can anybody else confirm if this would be fine for what I want? Thanks much
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  1. There are three SC editions, two of which have the ACX cooler. Assuming you are looking at one with the ACX cooler, yes the coolers are the same as the FTW. The cards are not all the same though.
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