Monitor randomly shuts off and on when playing games such as League Of Legends,WoW.

I've been having this problem for about a month now,my monitor randomly shuts off when I'm playing games .I'm not really good with tech stuff so help is greatly appreciated,not sure if its a problem with display drivers.

Predator G5910
Acer S231
GPU:NVDIA Geforce GT440
Driver version:331.65
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    My brother experiences this with his gtx 560 ti sometimes in WoW. Its generally the driver that crashes or stops responding and then recovers, during which time his screen goes black etc. I would suggest maybe trying a different driver. I dont know about LoL but I do know that its a common issue in WoW with older graphics cards like the 400 and 500 series.
  2. Does it says that the driver crashed and stopped responding? If it did,mine doesn't shows it.
  3. Well with newer OS's like Win 7 and 8 your graphics card actually disconnects the monitor for a short while or stops giving output. During this time the popup for the driver not responding shows but you can't see it because of the screen going black.
  4. Alright,thanks for the help. :) Might need to get a new graphics card or try a different driver then.
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