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which graphic card is better for me, 650TI & R7 260x
My pc Specs
Intel Core I-5 3470(3.2GHZ)
Board Intel DH75EN
Ram 8GB (XMP 1600MHZ)
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  1. It depends on the performance you want, your rig won't be bottle-necking anything but the highest of the high end of cards. I'd suggest stepping up to a 270X; not much more money but much better performance. 260X has TrueAudio, however. What is your ideal price point and how many watts is your psu?
  2. I have 750W psu and only afford 260x because my budget is low. is 650 ti is not better in cooling stat
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    Then the 260x is a better option. The HD 7850 would also fit your budget and also comes with the never settle silver package (2 free games). The 650ti is significantly slower than both the 260x and the 7850.

    Here's a link for the 7850
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