i7 950 oc to 3.8 vs 4.0 - fps related question

Hey guys!

I have my i7 950 oc to 3.8Ghz atm and it seems to be max for my old Corsair H50, but I was considering purchasing H100i and overclocking it bit higher-4 maybe 4.2.

Question is: will it make difference fps/bottleneck wise when gaming?

I ask previously on forum and it seems that my CPU still is good enough for gaming and now I am just going to buy gtx 780Ti (when it comes out with non-reference cooling) BUT I was wondering if overcloclking my CPU little bit more will give some positive result gaming-wise.

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  1. yes on how much fps you will gain hard to say not much but it will help
  2. In CPU bound games you may see an extra few frames per second, but in games that are more GPU dependent you won't see any difference. The higher the resolution the more the game will rely on GPU over CPU as well. I would say it really isn't needed, especially if you have to buy a new cooler to do it. You would be better off saving that money to put towards a new mobo, cpu, and ram when you really need it. I still think you're good for a while though. The i7 950 is still a very good CPU.
  3. If anyone would have any idea how much can I gain I would really appreciate any info
  4. Thank You sincreator
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    Check out these benches:

    They are running your chip at 4.4ghz in this comparison. There really isn't much difference at all from stock to 4.4ghz, so going from 3.8ghz to 4.2ghz would show even less.

    PS: Notice it made a big difference in synthetics, but not so much in games. There are some rare occasions where you would see more of a difference, but we are still only talking single digits. Not worth spending extra on cooling for in my opinion...
  6. Thank You sincreator,You are absolutely right.
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