Upgrading old rig! Have a few questions :)

Hey guys, so basically ive had my pc for around 4-5 years now and I've just ordered some new parts. I'm replacing my hd radeon 4850 with a hd radeon 7750, my dual core 3.1 ghz processor for an i5 -4670, and lastly im swapping out my old asus motherboard for an Asus Intel H87 M.ATX.

I am a complete rookie and am just going from what ive read and what was in my budget for these parts. Did I make a mistake or should everything run smoothly? Some other info.. I have 4 gigs of ram and a 650 watt power supply.
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  1. Did you order ram also, I'm thinking you probably have DDR2 ram in your current system which won't work on the H87 board or is the 4GB you have DDR3?
  2. I didn't order ram, I'm actually not sure if its ddr2 or 3. How do i check?
  3. A HD7750 is only a slight improvement (assuming it has GDDR5) over the HD4850; it's big advantage is that it uses a lot less power, which also means it adds less heat to your case. If you can afford it, a HD7770 is a more significant improvement, and if at all possible a HD7850 or GTX650Ti Boost Edition are a lot stronger for games.
    What brand and model is the PSU? Unless you have a Retail version, you will probably need a fresh copy of Windows for the new motherboard. Simply moving the boot drive will NOT work.
  4. Its a cooler master ATX12V 650w. And actually my windows 7 isn't even genuine... so what will happen when i go to boot up with the new mobo?
  5. Turns out the ram is ddr2.. Any suggestions for some cheap 8 gig ddr3 ram?
  6. The CM GX650 was described by HardOCP as a "polished turd in a box." If it is an older "Extreme Power" or some variant, it's even worse. In the former case, treat it as a 550W PSU, and in the latter case as a 450W PSU, and you'll probably be okay. They should be able to run any of the cards I suggested.
    As to your Windows, buy a copy. We cannot offer any assistance relating to the use of pirated software.
  7. So do you think the power supply will be enough power to run these parts? And is this good ram or no?
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    The PSU should run those parts.
    That RAM is laptop memory.
  9. Ummm...not good. It is 1.65V, and the Intel IMC is stressed by anything over the JEDEC standard 1.5V. It also has rather poor CAS11 timing. I think that would be a better choice for you.
  10. Ok, I just called newegg and had the order changed. Thanks so much for the help :)
  11. Cool beans! Enjoy your build.
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