svchost.exe -k LocalService memory leak, windows 7 64bit

I am running a relatively new installation of windows 7 enterprise 64-bit and am getting intermittent memory leaks in svchost.exe (running -k LocalService). Just to rule out malware/viruses, I rebooted my machine with Kaspersky rescue disk and did a full scan. Zero problems. I've also done full scans with anti-malwarebytes and superantispyware and they only found cookies. So it's definitely not a spyware problem I don't think.

I have only a handful of services running under this PID:

WdiServiceHost - Diagnostic Service Host
nsi - Network Store Interface Service
netprofm - Network List Service
FontCache - Windows Font Cache Service
fdPHost - Function Discovery Provider Host
EventSystem - COM+ Event System

I am pretty sure it has something to do with the networking services. The last time my memory went to 99% utilization, I disabled my ethernet adapter from the network and sharing center and immediately CPU usage maxed out on all four cores and the machine ground to a complete halt forcing me to hard power cycle. In addition, any attempt to stop those services once memory utilization reaches a peak results in either "process didn't quit cleanly within a reasonable time" or "other services are relying on that, you can't stop it" messages (those aren't the exact errors but the next time it happens I will get the exact text)

The onboard chipset for my MOBO is Atheros AR8151 and I tried upgrading the driver from to and that hasn't fixed it.

Here is the file size of svchost:

C:\Windows\System32>dir svchost.exe
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 44F5-530F

 Directory of C:\Windows\System32

07/13/2009  08:39 PM            27,136 svchost.exe
               1 File(s)         27,136 bytes

And here is output from process explorer on that PID:

Any help appreciated. It's really annoying to have to come to my machine after several hours of idling and see near 100% memory usage of 16GB and have no choice but to reboot...
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  1. bump? I've definitely reduced it to the NSI process.
  2. blm14 said:
    bump? I've definitely reduced it to the NSI process.

    I have no solution, but I have exact same problem as you
  3. This seems to be related to IE10/11, have a look here:

    It's a shame there's no help from Microsoft.:(

    Regards, Juergen
  4. Bumping! to help other users.
    it's due to windows update service. common signs are high cpu/ ram usage and windows update stuck at 0. MS resolved the issue in march 2016. this will guide you on how to fix it :
    reply and share your experience or problem.
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