PC Crash after start-up (Blue error screen)


Had an issue with my PC for the past few months that I figured probably needs sorting out. After starting up my PC for the first time of the day, it becomes unresponsive after a few minutes or after a few applications are opened followed by a blue screen and a restart.

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT is the top error line followed lower down by ***STOP: 0x00000001A and so on.

Taking out the RAM and plugging it back in again fixes this issue until the next day. I have replaced the CPU and GPU recently to no avail and have run Memtest in the past to check the RAM but it turned up all clear.

Just curious if anyone had any suggestions.


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  1. So folks, ran Memtest again and picked up an error.

    Error Confidence Value: 163 and the rest, is it likely that this is a RAM error then and I should replace or could it be something a little smaller in size?

  2. Pull the RAM and clean the contacts with a pencil eraser.
    Wipe the swarf off and re-install the RAM.
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