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downgrade windows 8 hp envy to windows 7


Can anyone help, i have an HP envy laptop running Windows 8... i dont like Windows 8 so wanted to downgrade to Windows 7 home premium which i have on disk... i cleared the drive for a new install and enabled legacy BIOS, Windows 7 gets to the end of a new installation then shows a dialog box saying: Windows cannot be installed on your hardware

Can anyone help? or tell me how I can succesfully install Windows 7?

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  1. For starters, HP does not provide Windows 7 drivers for their consumer level laptops that have Windows 8 preinstalled, so even if you do successfully install Windows 7 you will not have full support for the hardware. Unfortunately Windows 8 is the future.
  2. so my laptop wont function properly running windows 8? I have no choice but to re-install windows 7?

    Tell me this cannot be true, its cyber tyranny!
  3. What specifically does not function properly? I support many people with Envy laptops running Windows 8 with absolutely no problems at all. My experience is that the great majority of problems are user induced.
  4. no, sorry, I was asking you if you were saying my laptop would not function properly even if I managed to install windows 7?

    I just don't like w8 and wanted to run w7 instead... but it wont install on my HP envy laptop and was looking for a solution
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    The Envy is designed for Windows 8, not 7. Since Windows 8 is the future I suggest that you learn to like it.
  6. I suggest that you learn to like it. - helpful
  7. ex_bubblehead said:
    The Envy is designed for Windows 8, not 7. Since Windows 8 is the future I suggest that you learn to like it.

    Those drivers MAY currently exist, HP has released a Windows 7 version of the Envy 15.
  8. Pretty much any piece of modern hardware has Windows 7 drivers. The only issue is that it can be a bit of a pain to get the 7 running on a new PC. The Windows 7 install CD does not have most modern drivers, so after installing it, you can easily end with a machine with a basic graphics driver and one or some of these non-functional: any networking, usb, optical drive, ssd, etc. Make sure to use 7 SP1 CD. Sometimes it can be quite a pain to figure out how to get the driver's installer files onto a fresh Windows 7 machine, but once you resolve this issue, you should be able to find all the drivers, eventually.
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