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Hi guys,

I recently upgraded from an old Dell XPS 720. I pulled the hard drive out and inserted it into the new computer which I built myself.

The hard drive was upgraded with Win7 Pro 64. I ended up buying a 1TB drive to replace it. How can I either use both drives as one or copy the contents of the 300GB drive to the 1TB and use the 1TB by itself? I want to boot from it and use it just like I normally would.

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  1. I would just use cloning software to clone the SRP and C partitions onto the new drive and use the option to expand to fill unallocated space. You can use many free programs like Clonezilla or EaseUS Todo that are easy to use. Make a system repair disc first (one CD and just type that phrase in the Start button search box to get the wizard) in the event that you need it for the first boot of the cloned drive.
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    1. Make the 1TB drive as first boot device in BIOS.

    2. Install OS on 1TB drive with bootable media(DVD/USB). Unplug the 300GB drive when installing OS on 1TB drive, then plug it back.

    3. Copy everything important from the 300GB drive to 1TB drive.

    4. Format the 300GB drive with bootable media(DVD/USB). Unplug the 1TB drive when formatting. When everything finished plug the 1TB drive back, and make sure it is the first boot device in BIOS. Save and exit BIOS.

    5. Now you can boot up with 1TB drive, and can have the 300GB drive for storage. That's it. Good luck.
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