ATI 270X vs HD 7950


I am looking for some help about choosing the best video card

it will be between:

1- GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7950 / 3GB
link :

link :

in my country the 270x is cheaper than 7950 (about 60$)
ps: I not living in USA or Europe , so I can order from online stores

i see many reviews ( most of them didn't add 7950 in the benchmark), the others shows the difference is about 5-7 frames for 7950. but I see that don't really worth the 60$
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    That will depend on what resolution monitor your playing and if you play on ultra. 768p/900p gaming on mid to high settings? No sweat from either. You'll go over 60 fps easy. I also heard that the 270x is just the 7870 made a bit better. And the 7950 beats the 7870 in most benchmarks. But only by little. So I guess the best choice for you is the 270x
  2. I am want to play on ( high - ultra ) setting, for now i have 5850 but most heavy games cant get more than mid graphic setting, so I looking to make an hardware update

    I read this review:
    it shows that difference is not more than 1-5 frames
  3. Well that seems to be the case. I'll assume you'll be doing 1080p. At that res, with the games tested, only Crysis 3 gets frames below 30. So you should be good. If you really want the best performance, you could spend a few hundred dollars more and get a 280x. One of the best deals right now. What's your budget?
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