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i7 4770k vs i7 4930k.
I knew it is a old question. But I am still confused which one I need. So let me introduce myself first.
I'm going to study computer science about 2 years later. So I am not sure whether I need editing movie and picture or not, but until now I should't need to. I planning to play a lot of game like, assassin's creed, bf4, call of duty: ghost and even titanfall in 2014. In addition, my video card should be 780 ti or 780 ti in sli. So which one should get? Another question,between z87 and x79 which motherboard are future proof, I mean can be used among 2-3 years?
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  1. ok for computer science you may want to condier the 4930 k the pros and cons of x79 vs z87 x79: more cores, more ram, more pcie- bandwith alhtough z77 is fine for most condiguration z87 advantages, newever arcitecture, less power consumption, cheaper
  2. 780ti sli go with x79 if not go with z87
  3. no its not that simple becuase z87 is fine with two high power cards sli and the processer is almost twice the price with a more expenisve motherboard as well
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    pcie lanes available on x79 40
    pcie lanes available on z87 16

    For me I feel this is a tremendous waste all the way around but hey it's not my money

    The lanes are not needed for the graphics but it does indeed leave you without available pcie lanes.

    Depending on your other uses it may not be required.
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