I am looking to upgrade from my GTX 660

Here is my current build: Part Picker

I don't believe my motherboard (ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0) supports SLI, so another 660 is out. I plan on getting it on Cyber Monday so I don't totally need to worry about absolute prices, but maybe relative prices. I am most concerned with how well they work. I prefer Nvidia, so I am really only looking at another GTX.

How is the 680, compared to say, the 760? Or the 780? I don't know much about the 700 series relative to the 600.
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  1. Pick up the GTX 770 instead of the 680. Cheaper, and better performance.
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    Gtx 660 is weaker than gtx 660 ti
    gtx 660 ti is weaker than Gtx 760
    Gtx 760 is weaker than gtx 670
    gtx 670 is weaker than gtx 680
    gtx 680 is weaker than gtx 770 (is a oced 680 with better fluency and more bus memory)
    gtx 770 is weaker than gtx 780
    and gtx 780 is weaker than gtx 780 ti

    check the differences on game debate (to lazy to go through all of that again)

    lol funny theory XD

    if there was any sli worth it that would be gtx 770
    anyway if you are on a budget I would go windforce gtx 760 3x
    or gtx 760 hawk (both of those surpass gtx 670 because of the OC)
  3. Having tested the GTX 770 Lightning I can definitely say that if you choose to make the 770 option, that is the one to get. Great performance while saving some money over the 780 range, something that could be put to use toward another part.
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