Bad SATA controller or bad hard drive?


I have recently been experiencing problems with my computer with random blue screens, freezes and stuttering robotic sound at times. The problem originally started with a few random freezes once in a while and soon started blue screening more frequently. When checking the event viewer I saw the error "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort6." I searched for this error and found that it related to the device connected to this port (which was my SSD).

I connected my SSD to a different port and all seemed fine for about a week, but it has now started to freeze and blue screen occasionally, as well as the stuttering sound which sometimes occurs when watching a video on youtube or through VLC. The event viewer now shows the error "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort7." after a blue screen.

The problem seems most noticeable when playing games like FIFA14, where it seems to have micro stutters, where the game will freeze for half a second then continue, this happens during offline play and is sometimes is quite frequent (every few seconds).

I built this PC about a year ago and have not really had any other problems, apart from it going to a black screen during games occasionaly, which only lasts for a few seconds. I believe this was to do with the graphic card drivers, as it disappeared when AMD released new drivers.

My Specs are:

ASRock z77 Extreme4
Intel i5-3570k (not currently overclocked)
Corsair Vengance 4GB x2
Sapphire HD 7950 flex dual-x
Corsair TX750 PSU
Samsung 840 SSD
Samsung F3 HDD x2

Would this error be caused by the SSD failing, or could it be failing SATA controllers on the motherboard?

Many thanks for any help
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  1. Your board has two SATA controllers, try plugging it into the other to identify the issue.
  2. make sure the ssd on the intel 6g port. make sure the motherboard bios and the ssd firmware up to date and you got the newest intel chipset drivers and intel irst drivers. run samaung ssd test tool and or hdtune read the drive smart warnings.
  3. Hi thanks for both the replies.

    As I stated I connected my SSD to a new port and it was fine for a week, but has started causing trouble again.

    I have read that there are two different sets of the sata3 connecters on the motherboard, 2 for intel controlled and 2 for AsMedia ports. It was previously connected to one of the AsMedia ports. I have now tried connecting it to one of the intel controlled ports and see how that goes.

    In the meantime I will go with smorizio's suggestions and update all the firmware and run some tests on the SSD.

    Thanks again
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