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Hi all,

I have (2) 7870 MYST tahiti gpu's from PowerColor. My first card is running the 028 bios revision, runs at 1225 core clock no problems at all. The second card I just bought a few weeks ago, running 030 bios, refuses to run stable while overclocked. It'll hit 1200 core, then back down to 1100, then 1053 and other random assorted numbers. After doing some research, I've come to discover that the 028 and 032 bios revisions of my card are great and stable, while the 030 and 031 revisions are unstable and poor. What I need is a detailed description on how to update my GPU's bios so I no longer have these bizarre issues.

Much appreciation and a best answer to whoever provides the best solution!

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  1. anyone? please?
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