Very slow Boot up and Shut down s( starting during bios screen )


i have recently been experiencing an extremely slow boot and shut down... this only started a week ago boot has always been slow , but only once the windows logo appears... these past few days it slows down even at the bios screen... the logo and the text at the bios screen ( just after turning on the pc ) is now very slow... it seems to get stuck or something...
also my shut down now takes a very long time ... it did not do this before.

i did not care too much about the slow boot but now its been starting at the bios screen and this worries me a bit.

Any idea what could be causing this ? And could this mean some hardware issue since it allrdy starts slowing up at the bios and not only when windows loads? and if so what could it be related to? motherboard or disk or something ?

any input on this will be greatly appreciated!!

i have a asrock z63 extreme 3 gen 3 motherboard.
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  1. I would run some sort of hard drive checking program as its your most likely slowdown canidate. Something that can help your boot time is to hit Start/run/ type "msconfig" without the ""s. go to the startup tab and disable anything you don't need. (this is how it works in XP, not on my win7 machine and I jump back and forth enough I forget how to do it if I'm not looking at it)

    also try running diskcleanup and defragment your HD. Any of these could help your issue some.
  2. i decided to defrag since i had a lot of clutter on my pc... and that seems to have done the trick... boot is now back to normal! thx very much for the reply :)
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