i'm really confused and i need help

which one should i buy?

760 ( )
660 ti ( )

note: those brands are the only available here in ph...both costs the same amount around 290$

i5 2400
8gb 1333
hd 7750
500gb 7200
450W antec vp450p
asus p8p67 le

i'm worried for my mobo because its almost 3 years old although i updated the latest 2013 bios version
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  1. GTX 760 is better than a GTX 660ti overall, I would only buy a 660ti if you plan to overclock but I do find overclocking with the GTX 760 much easier.
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    If you're gonna go with the 760 I would Highly recommend a higher PSU. maybe a 550W or so. Both cards will do you well in most any game however.

    Personally, though, I would go with the 760, since it's the same price as the 660TI, since it's a new generation. However, as stated above, either one will do just fine.
  3. i don't plan to overclock it because my case cooling is bad and the ambient temp in ph is also high...i think i'm gonna go with 660 ti...760 is too new for my system and it requires 500W psu...i think 760 is not worth the risk..
  4. As long as you have the wattage and a PCI-e 2.0 slot 760 isn't "too new" for your system. But yeah, if you dont' want to spend the extra cash on the new PSU, the 660TI is the way to go, hands down.
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