FSX Gaming PC £1000 budget, Advice?


I have decided to bite the bullet and build a PC with a modern spec after throwing far too much money into my C2D system only to have one component fail after another! :/
My main use for the computer is to run Flight Simulator X with REX2.0 addon at as high to realistic graphics as i can get within my budget.
I would like a Core i5 based system and like the look of the higher end Asus motherboards; however with so much choice out there, i really dont know what to get! I intend to overclock the CPU / memory -not to push the limits, just enough to help FSX keep the frame rates up as i know the program is very CPU hungry. I will need a new GPU card also as my GTX480 has given up the ghost.

I am also using a Maxtor Triplehead2Go digital edition (Display port) currently on 2 monitors (4096x1152) however i may upgrade to a 3rd display on the TH2GO and add a 4th monitor from the GPU just to use as a control panel screen -however this will not be until later in the future. *I believe the TH2GO DP requires a GPU with dual DP ports (whatever that means as there is only one input afaik?)*

My budget is £1000 +/- £150 (tops) and i DO NOT need the following:
DVD Drive
Monitor (currently have 2x dell sp2309wc 2048x1152)
Keyboard/mouse etc
PSU (currently have a corsair 650)
Operating system (got win 7 64bit)
etc etc.

I think for the £1000 i would like a M/board, CPU, Ram, GPU, Case, some better cooling (perhaps watercooled?) and some extra things like front card reader/Usb.

Any advice be much appreciated!

Many thanks
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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/S.Drop/saved/2PSX

    This is one of the builds I did recently, should fit your needs :)
  2. Thanks, must ask what that add on bit is on the mboard? Wifi ariel poss? Would a gtx770 be a better gpu?
    That cpu is the one I was considering, I do however like the look of the vengance and maximus mboards, do they make these in s1150 tho? And are they worth the extra?
  3. what add ons are on the motherboard are you asking? :)
    Boards like the maximus and vengeance you pointed out both have on-board wifi. They aren't that much more than the Asus pro and they are made in a 1150, I would go with either one if money is no issue. I prefer the maximus.
  4. As for the Gtx 770, the R9 280X has the edge and is it a bit cheaper. Although you wont see much of a difference in game, about 1%. The drivers for nvidia are more stable, also the cards usually overall are quieter and run at lower temperatures. So really its just a matter of what you want to pay and your preference over brands.
  5. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/S.Drop/saved/2O6c

    There you go, That should be a bit better
  6. Excellent! thanks for that. One last thing, If you was able to spend a little bit more...what would you recommend upgrading to make a noticeable difference? I guess 16gb of ram would be ideal? The price for the spec you have put together is $700 below my budget!!
  7. For gaming, you would never know the difference between 16gb and 8gb, but if your doing serious video editing, audio editing etc, 16gb is the way to go. If I had extra money I would put the extra money straight into a better video card, and get something that will get ridiculous fps like and R9 290 or R9 290x which are a step up from the R9 280x.
  8. Ok, ill stick with 8gb then. GPU however, FSX is not very GPU dependant -its very CPU hungry. I dont believe it supports multi-core or HT hence why i have not enquired at all about i7. I'm not majorly into gaming however i do hold a pilots license which is very expensive to maintain so FSX makes for good practise with certain procedures etc like instrument flying, hence why this pc is to be dedicated to being a sort of 'simulator'.

    I come up with this -which is not a million miles from what you spec'd.
    Ive added a SSD as i hear they access far quicker than a HDD. Would it be best to run windows on a SSD and FSX on HDD? or the other way around?

  9. An ssd would be a great idea, if its large enough you could put both the os and FSX files onto it. Which will make the loading times in the simulator much quicker, as well as having conveniently fast boot times.
    Yeah that's great, I would say go with that.
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