Please Help, blue screen of death!

Hi im new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could help get to the bottom of this Blue screen error that keeps restarting my pc.
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  1. i am usually playing games or watching movies when it happens it just blacks out and restarts the computer then i get blue screen message, do you want my system specs?
  2. Yes, am initially guess PSU, DRAM or drivers - what mobo, CPU, DRAM, PSU, GPU - model #s please
  3. 750w corsair, 8gb ripjawx,intel 2500k,asus p8z77-v lx, evga gtx 580 3gb. sorry for answering late i went to bed last night, im not a computer expert where do i find my DRAM?
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    Can get DRAM model # off the label on the sticks, of look in CPU-Z under the SPD tab - in the Part Number pane - specs look good so would guess maybe DRAM not set up right (ensure you have the latest BIOS) then go into BIOS andif sticks are 1600 or higher - ensble XMP and select profile 1

    Could also be a Driver issue - go to your mobo site and make sure you have the latest mobo drivers, same with your graphics card - make sure you have the latest drivers for that also
  5. Will update driver's and report back as soon as possible :)
  6. just some additional info, im using norton internet security,windows 7 home premium
  7. Should be a round ;)
  8. DDR3

    Module size - 4096

    Manufacturer - G.Skill

    Part Number - F3-17000CL11-4GBXL

    SPD Ext. - XMP 1.2
  9. Any OC on the CPU? Try enabling XMP and select profile 1, and raise VCCSA to 1.1
  10. no overclock done on the CPU,going into BIOS now to try what you suggested
  11. Okay i changed the settings, so far no blue screen :) i will report back if i get blue screened again. Thank you and good bless you ! :)
  12. No worries, don't take it wrong, but hope I DON'T hear from you again - at least on this subject ;)
  13. No More blue screen experienced since the fix :) hahaha i will keep my finger's crossed
  14. Will be here, glad things looking good!
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