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I'm currently buying a 23" - 24" monitor that has HDMI input so I can use with my PC and console (PS3/PS4/X360/X1)
I think I will buy this monitor Asus VS247
It looks good and is only $157.73 and I will have $20 rebate. The response time is 2ms, the contrast ratio is 50 000 000 : 1, plus it is IPS. I would get a PS3 this Black Friday ans use it with this ASUS.
I also have a question: I heard people say that the PS3 HDMI output include video and audio and HDMI monitor only display the video. In the picture of VS247HP at Amazon, I see an audio input. Can I plug my speaker into it?
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  1. i have one of these and it's IPS with 5ms for £130, superb for gaming and nice looking too
  2. If it's HDMI and has speakers built into the monitor, that HDMI will carry sound and video. Of course, the hdmi port on your pc needs to have the ability to send out the sound as well, which 99.9% of cards will do.
  3. The VS247 does not have built in speaker. The Amazon website has an alert that mentions IPS in the VS247 page. I thought it was IPS but it is not. But it's still a good monitor.
    Any recommendation for a monitor that can be used for both PC and console. It does not matter whether IPS or not. It would be great if it includes built in speaker since I don't have one.
    I prefer a monitor that is in the range of $130 -$170
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    This is what I use right now, I bought 2 Open Box/Referbed ones from newegg and they came in perfect condition.
  5. Woa thanks. 80000000:1 contrast ratio and 1ms response time. It seems too perfect
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