Replaced Motherboard won't boot from SSD

My MSI GD65-Z77A motherboard failed about 2 weeks ago so I RMA'd it and my new one just arrived yesterday. I hooked everything up and it is working properly, except when I boot up it goes to my HDD which still has an old copy of windows 7 on it. I made sure the SSD was plugged into the first Sata port because I read somewhere that helps, and I also made sure the SSD is the first device to boot in the bios. If I boot without the HDD plugged in everything works as it should and I can just plug it in after windows has started, but that requires me to take the side panel off my computer and it's just a big hassle. I also attempted to delete Windows off the old hard drive, but it said I don't have permission, so I gave myself permission under security in properties and it still says I need permission from myself. I've completely run out of ideas and have not been able to find any currently existing threads that fix my problem.
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    Need to go into the BIOS and change the Boot Priority to place the SSD as first - might also need to change the HD set up to AHCI, many default to IDE
  2. How do I change it to AHCI?
  3. There will be an area in the system page where HD type or something to that effect will be shown, typically default is IDE and options include RAID and AHCI
  4. Ok, I found it and it's already set to AHCI, and as I already said, the SSD is the first in the boot priority.
  5. The boot mode is Legacy+UEFI if that helps.
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