Need help connecting subwoofer to computer.

I have a Gemini SR-10 subwoofer I am having problem connecting to my computer. Here is a picture of the back

I tried plugging in a split of 1/4 cables into the input of the subwoofer then plugged the 1/8 into the c/sub jack. I put it in that jack because I have Gemini SR-5 studio monitors already plugged into the L R jack.

What I noticed is that when I remove the monitors from the L R jack and replace it with the subwoofer: it works perfectly fine. I can hear the bass and everything.

The problem is that I do not know how to have the monitors and subwoofer plugged and playing at the same time. I read the manual and it says: "Do not attempt to hook the speaker output of the monitor amplifier to the input of the subwoofer, you run the risk of damaging the equipment" but it says: "You need to connect a pair of cables from the stereo monitor outputs of your console or dj mixer to the XLR or 1/4 input jacks on the subwoofer"

Here is a image of the back of the SR-5 Studio Monitors if it helps. I also have beats audio.
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    You will need a splitter cable from your computer (ie 3.5mm stereo jack to two (left and right) 1/4" jacks).
    Plug these 1/4" jacks into the left and right inputs on your sub woofer.
    Now you need two 1/4" jack cables and plug these into the left and right outputs on your sub woofer and the other ends into each monitor.
    Don't worry the output of the sub is at line level which is what the monitors require.
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