Can spray painting a power supply cause it to overheat?

My wife and I decided to mount the HDTV on the fireplace, which we have painted white. We didn't want a bunch of black cables fraying out every which way from the set, so I have painted them white (them being the power cable for the TV, the fiber optic cable for the sound bar, the power supply for the sound bar, and a power supply for an ipod dock).

In the midst of painting the items, I wondered: would doing so cause the power supplies (the kind used by most, if not all, laptops) to overheat? Or even a regular power cable (like the cable used for desktops)?
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    A light coat of paint should not cause overheating on the items listed. No worries.
  2. Great -- I found some other forum questions pertaining to power supplies with vents and making sure not to get paint inside the enclosure, but these items are sealed as it is. I figured it wouldn't be an issue, but thought I should check with someone else.
  3. For the items listed you will be fine. For a desktop PC power supply, you have to be very careful about getting paint inside the unit.
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