Cannot access internet from LAN

Hi guys,

I have a laptop which works perfectly well from home, accessing the internet, so I know adapters, drivers and settings are working there.

I normally use the laptop at work, using wifi through my shop hard wired network, which contains a point-of-sale PC, a server and diskless workstations. All of these can access the internet. Suddenly, my laptop stopped accessing the internet.

My laptop still connects to the LAN and I can network map it and I can ping the server. I'm guessing it is a setting somewhere that has changed, but I have not knowingly done so, either with the laptop or the work LAN. I'm using Windows 7 professional on the LAN and Windows 7 Ultimate on the laptop.

Any ideas anyone? Many thanks in advance.

As an update, I have just found that someone else has the same problem, that they cannot connect through our LAN. That suggests to me that the problem is LAN/router/server based rather than individual settings on laptops etc.
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    Check that you aren't running a static IP on your laptop, if you are there may be another device at work that already has that IP, espcially if the router there uses the same default IP that most use in home nets which is
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