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I was recently given an old computer running XP. The people who had it before had a security program on it, which I uninstalled. However, despite the fact that I'm in the administrator account (The computer isn't online, so I don't worry about attacks) it refuses to install microsoft office 2003 off my disk, just coming up with a notice that the system administrator has put policies in place to prevent it.

Also, at other times when I have been removing certain deleted programs from the add/delete program, the same message pops up, but then it removes the program anyway.

I've checked the administrative tools and can't find any settings that would cause the problem, and have also tried using the run as command, with no luck. I do know my way around a computer, but this one has me stumped. There's some good games on the system, so I'd hate to have to do a clean reinstall if I could avoid it. Any advice?
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  1. What's stopping you from reimaging it? I would if it came from someone else.
  2. As I said before, there's some games on there I would like to keep.
  3. ask the previous owner if it did not put a password protection or limit for the software install and remove on the computer .
  4. They would have no idea, Scout. It came from a public library, and the current librarians only knew the password. Aso, they are not the most tech-savvy people. How would I find such a lock if there was one on it? I've checked all the ways I could think of.
  5. Oh, that. Yes, that was one of the first things I checked.

    I do have a bit of an update. It let me install winamp, and the xvid codec, but still not the office programs, or iTunes.
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    the microsoft office 2003 is not on the windows support anymore ,for the i tunes you need ie 8 and do you have xp sp3 install on this system ?
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