Which of these is the best gaming laptop for cheap?

Hello ladies and gents, its me once more.

I have done some research and found this website that has some good gaming laptops. (good from what I see at least) I'm not too technically savvy and have little of an idea of what specs are good ect.

So, the first laptop is the FORCE QAL51-FHD <--- LINK.

The second is the MSI GP60 2OD-052US <--- LINK.

Now heres my questions.

#1 Which one of these two is better bang for the buck, including features ect.

#2 Can one or both of them run these games on Ultra/high settings?:
Skyrim, Call of duty (All), Arma 2/3 (With DayZ) Battlefield 3-4.

#3 Is there a better and cheaper laptop under $800 out there in the USA, not refurbished that you guys know of.

Important note: I am looking for laptops under $800, I don't want to break my wallet on my first laptop.

Thank you all for the help you provided me in this search for my laptop. :D

Best regards,

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  1. Ever considered building your own desktop PC ? You get more performance per value
  2. I have, but I need something portable. And as I said I am not that savvy with specs.
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    Definitely go for the MSI one, the other one has an AWFUL processor, like almost half as fast as the other one! If u are planning on playing games, this would be an issue. The other one has a 1080p screen though, while the MSI one has a 768p. Not that it matters, as a gpu of that class can't handle 1080p! Yes, those will be capable of playing the games you listed at the settings you want (at 768p), at 1080 the games would run on like low settings (i have a laptop with a similar gpu :P) The graphics of both of those laptops is virtually the same gpu under a different name, but like I said, the force one won't be playing games well with it's lackluster processor. I know for sure that once you turn up the graphics in Batlefield that processor will choke BAD, so don't go with the force. As for my recommendations on good laptops, well, im too lazy to look for you lol. Google is your friend, unless someone else is so inclined to answer you :P
  4. Feel free to run any potential buys by this forum though, I may check back.
  5. Thanks for the information Darth! And to verify. The MSI will run Skyrim, battlefield, ect. on High/Ultra settings?
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