Windows 7 Home Premium Sp1 OEM or Windows 7 Full

I'm in the process of building my own gaming desktop(no experience) and I was wondering which version of Windows 7 64 bit should I get.

I have found two options:


Could someone please explain the differences, and why one costs more than the other?

Again, all I'm going to be doing with this build is playing Diablo 3 on max settings, potentially WOW and surfing the web.

Thanks. : )
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    The OEM license only allows you to install the OS on one computer; i.e. motherboard. The retail license allows you to install the OS on one computer AT A TIME.
  2. Alright. So, since I don't plan on switching computers anytime soon...the OEM would be the route for me, right?
  3. If you don't EVER plan on switching MBs, yes.
    Most folks that build, go for the OEM version. And there are always 'ways' to get around the one-motherboard issue if necessary.
  4. Okay. Thanks a lot! I have another question about my CPU, GPU and MB compatibility. Should I post it here or should I start another post?
  5. Either way. But if you start a new post, it may get answered sooner. Some folks don't like to jump into a post that has a lot of replies already.
  6. Alright. I'll just create a new one.
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