New computer build ( won't power up at all.

Hi guys! I bought a bunch of parts to build a new rig and it hasn't been powering up.

All the parts can be found in the link below:

I watched a Newegg tutorial on building PCs ( and followed its instructions. I grounded my mobo onto the box it came in and installed the RAM, CPU, and video card. I attached the PSU to it, flicked the power switch on, shorted the power-up pins with a magnetic screwdriver... And nothing happens.

I've tried taking out my video card, using only one stick of RAM, and also using the front panel connector of my case to try to turn it on the old fashioned way. I've even substituted the screwdriver for a paper clip and still had no luck.

I'm pretty sure the PSU is not the culprit because I shorted the green and black wire with the same paper clip and it ran successfully when I flicked on the I/O switch. My RAM seems to be in order. Its product code is CMD8GX3M2A1866C9 which is listed at one of the compatible products on my mobo's webpage (

I just came back today with a replacement motherboard because I assumed the one I had was defective but its giving me the same, non-responsive result. All my items are in securely and I have both the CPU and mobo board power plugged in.

Really at the end of my rope here. If you have any suggestions on what could be the problem or the steps I could take to get a better idea of what's wrong, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I can post pictures, record a video, etc.
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  1. does the motherboard post if you try and boot with just the onboard video?? is the power good led on on the motherboard and is there any fault led on?? some motherboards have dr debug led blocks and there stop at a fault code for debug. if you have a volt meter check the power supply output on the power good and cpu four pin power plug. (cpu power plug is on the top right side of the mb. ).
    check under the cpu for bent pins and make sure the cpu is seated on the pins.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    No, it doesn't boot even without the video card. My mobo manual didn't mention anything about power LEDs or fault LEDs. It's an ASRock H81M-HDS ( I've taken pictures of my own here:,QcjgY66,IvGiDa7#2,QcjgY66,IvGiDa7#1,QcjgY66,IvGiDa7#0

    I have no volt meter but I'll probably replace the PSU for a 600w anyway. Either way, I don't think it should be having trouble booting up just the CPU, RAM, and mobo without the video card, right? Or is that incorrect?

    The CPU is seated on the pins and there are no bent pins.
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    I would take off the cpu heat sink and make sure the cpu is seated on the pins. if you dont get any post see if there a local micro center or computer store that can use a know good power supply or test cpu. as you have a new mb and no may been unlucky and got a dead cpu.
  4. This whole experience has been so stressful. I'm returning most of my parts (except video card and processor), getting new components, and buying from different vendors.

    Thank you for your assistance.
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