New power supply faulty?

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I recently installed a new TR2 600w Thermaltake PSU in my computer and right after I put it into my computer when I turned it on it would power up for a second then shut off every time I turned it on. Prior to installing the new one my computer worked fine. I installed the new PSU so I could use my R7 250 graphics card. I am new to this site so if any other specifications are needed to diagnose my problem please inform me. Also my motherboard has an ATX12V 4 pin connector which I couldn't find on my new PSU, perhaps that's why it's not working? Anyways any help in solving this question would be very much appreciated.

Thank you
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  1. on your power supply the 4 pin power cable is going to be a eight pin unit a four plus four connector. there should be a clip in the middle to snap the connector in half.if not you can use just 1/2 of the plug and it work fine.
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