What gaming mouse is good for small hands?

So, I am looking for a new mouse, but my hands are really small, and I have a weird palmish grip from using trackball mice. A mouse I like for size is the Microsoft sculpt mobile, which is what I am looking for in size, but it is a pretty wonky mouse sensitivity wise, etc. So is there any gaming mice similar to this mouse? I am mostly looking for just an fps/general gaming one than an mmo mouse with 100 buttons. Also, under $80 would be nice! Thanks!

for comparison
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  2. CM Storm Xornet/Spawn. Small, comfortable. DPI switchers. Max 2000/3000 DPI which is all you need.

    Only complaint is that the scroll wheel makes a bad noise when scrolled constantly.
  3. I was looking at both these mice, the corsair m65 and also the cm recon, which isn't the smallest, but my brother has it and it is pretty nice.

    I think I will probably decide between these 4. Thanks both of you!
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