Playstation 4 to monitor using hdmi to dvi converter

I'm having problems connecting my playstation 4 to my computer monitor. I'm using and hdmi cable with a dvi adapter. I used this same hook up with my playstation 3 all the timre but with the playstation 4 I'm running into problems

With the playstation 3 I would hold the power button to reset the graphics to work with the adaptar but when I do this for the playstation 4 my monitor flashea twice a minute and shows static. If I just turn my playstation 4 the monitor flashes andsays "Input signal out of range change settings to 1600 x 900 - 60hz".

I don't care about sound I just want the system to work on my monitor
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  1. By the sounds of it, your PS4 is trying to put the video out at a higher resolution than the monitor can handle. It must not be detecting it right and trying to put out a 1080p resolution probably. If you can plug it to a TV first and see if you have an option to adjust the resolution. Its not a typical setting on game consoles, but with how far they have come I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. I was worried that was the case. I wobt be able to try that for about 4.5 hours. In currently at work that's where I use the monitor at. I have a 50" Samsung at home that I connect to
  3. Hi isollator13 I'm also having that same problem there are some converters out there on amazon and I just got one it didn't work wrong one but if you find away please share I will also you can email me at
  4. any solution to this i just got my ps4 and my montor is kinda old

    i know the hdmi-dvi cable is working because when i traded in my ps3 a week ago it was working fine

    ive tried plugging into a tv and reducing the resolution to 720 manually(my monitor can only output 720 anyway) but that didnt work and i set the other two display options to limited on the 2nd try and still nothing

    i get a message saying "input not supported" on my monitor

    the signal is getting to it though as it powers up when i switch on the ps4 so its definitely getting a signal

    my monitor is an acer p223w
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  6. Well done RazrKey. Not sure where you found this out at, but I'm sure that this will be helpful to know for many people getting the PS4.
  7. I'm having a problem with my Acer P201W monitor and PS4 setup. I use an adapter to change the HDMI to DVI but the screen in off centered. The open screen adjust of my PS4 and monitor do not fix the problem. I can see the screen, its just that a half-inch of the right side is missing from the whole display, How do I fix this? (Also the Razerkey fix didn't help)
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