CPU fan @ max speed

CPU Haswell i7-4770K,
CPU Fan Thermaltake NiC C4
Motherboard asrock Z87 Pro4

I searched and googled but nothing helped. My fan is as loud as a vaccuum cleaner. According to google, it sounds like that when the speed is at max. I tried speedfan but it didn't do anything. I used BIOS / UEFFI / whatever but messing with the cpu fan speed settings didn't do anything and the speed stayed the same according to the screen. Sound didn't change either.

Temps are really low according to everything but speedfan which seems to show all temps all messed up. Coretemp, speccy and biosueffiwhatever all show low temps. I guess that is obvious since this happens in idle.

What can I do?

Fan should apparently have some kind of manual controller. I can't find it. I had the shop build this for me....

It's really hard to see because the cooler is HUGE but I think there is a small wire going into a small cpu thing in the motherboard.

As I said, I used bios and it didn't do anything. Also, asrock tuning thing also reports max fan speed and below 30 temps. It cannot do anything to the speed.
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  1. 1: Check the BIOS from fan settings. It might be set to manuel at 100%. If so, set it to auto. (even though you say you have been in the BIOS to check once)
    2: Is the fan connected to the CPU fan header?
    3: Uninstall Speedfan and try the ASRock A-Tuning utility from ASrocks homepage: http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z87M%20Pro4/?cat=Download&os=Win764
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