Parts suggestion list for first gaming rig please

New to PC gaming and the inner workings of computers, so truthfully have zero idea of where to start.

I want to get my first rig and am open to the idea of building it myself. It would pretty much be exclusively used for games. I have a budget of about 800 dollars or so, which would need to include everything except a monitor.

I'm mostly in to games such as Skyrim, but it would be nice if it handled most games relatively well.

Looking to buy in the next couple weeks, so if someone wouldn't mind suggesting a bang for the buck unit I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
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    Well as far as Motherboard, CPU, and GPU go I really can't recommend any others than these for your price range.

    Motherboard $125 - ASRock Z77 Extreme4:
    CPU $220 - Intel Core i5-3570K:
    GPU $310 - ASUS R9-280X:

    Hard drive or SSD recommendation really depends on what you want in terms of storage size and how much you're willing to pay. Case is pretty subjective but I'd recommend the Fractal Design Define R4 which is currently $30 off at newegg (Link: ). As for power supply I'd recommend something from SeaSonic or Corsair, best two brands for PSU imo. Regardless though when you're shopping for a power supply make sure it has a minimum warranty period of 5 years or it's not worth your time.

    Hope this helps.
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