Building parents a new basic PC for $500 will it work?

This will be their main PC. they just want quick boot and to use it for basic printing, facebook internet stuff. I want to make sure Im not missing something and that everything is compatible also if anyone has a better build please keep everything coming from newegg or other reputable source. I thank you in advance.
AMD FX-6300
MSI 970A-G46
G.SKILL F3-10666CL7D-4GBXH 4GB (2x2)
Western Digital WD5000AAKX 500GB
Cooler Master Elite 430
Cooler Master RS600-ACAAB1-US 600w
Samsung SN-208DB/BEBE
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  1. You need a GPU, since FX 6300 doesn't have an integrated one
  2. Throw this in and I can call it good?
    Sapphire 100292DDR3L
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    joshsalgado said:
    Throw this in and I can call it good?
    Sapphire 100292DDR3L

    I'd go with Intel i3 4130 which has integrated GPU (HD 4400). Beside the CPU, you'll need to change the MB to support it. Also the PSU is overkill, go with 400W unless you are planning to add gaming GPU in the future.
  4. awesome thanks for the feedback. what if I go with a
    CORSAIR CX series CX430 430 watt PSU
    AMD A10-6800K
    MSI FM2-A75MA-E35
    and Systemax OEM Micro ATX Computer Case from tiger direct...
    What do you think? pretty solid?
  5. Yeah, that's a decent CPU. You can also add SSD if you want a fast boot. If you are limited on budget, you can save money by buying only 4GB of RAM since the PC will be used only for browsing and basic stuff.

    However, keep in mind that 6800k is an overclocking CPU which won't be much of a use for your parents. I doubt that they'll bother with OCing the CPU. Also 6800k uses almost double the power that i3 4130 use, so it's less economic friendly (this isn't an issue to worry, just thought worth mentioning). That's up to you
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