Questions about general power usage and overclocking.

I thought maybe someone could help me out, I'm kind of a noob with PC's.

Regarding power usage, I just bought a GTX 760 and I was wondering how power units work. I have a 500W which should be good for a GTX 760 but how can I figure out how much it's using?

Also, How many more Watts does overclocking take?

Thanks (:
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    the GTX760 has a moderate max TDP of 170W.
    the recommended PSU for that graphics card is 500W, just be sure your PSU is not a generic one.
    Use only good branded certified PSUs to do overclocking activities.
    depending on OC intencity, you will need some extra Watts and extra cooling,(OC produces more heat), but I dont recommend you to OC cause as you just said(I'm kind of a noob with PC's.), So you must learn how to do it first, OC activities have some risk, and tend to reduce components lifespan.
    You can do a lot of damage to your rig doing OC with improper configurations.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply (: I think I'll stay away from OC for now
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