First Time - Stuck In Reboot Loop

Like I said, it's my first time building a computer, and I've sorted out quite a few problems.

The only things installed are a 750W Rosewill PSU, an MSI X79A-GD45 Plus Motherboard, an i7 Processor, as well as my seagate 2 TB HDD.

Everytime I start it up it works for about 5 -10 seconds and then shuts back down. Initially I went through and put everything in. Since my first try (in which it worked for less than a second) I realized I had forgotten the standoffs. Since adding those, I've removed the RAM, the Graphics card and unplugged anything from the case it's in. Still no luck on getting it out of this loop. I'm assuming it's either that the motherboard is dead, the CPU is dead, or I've installed something wrong.
I do have a few questions about the power supply, however. Does it matter which end of a cord gets plugged into what? I've found that a few of them have 3 of the same endings and I can't tell if they're all for the same thing, or if I've made a huge mistake in plugging them in where they fit. They aren't labeled, so I am unsure if they go to something specific, or if it's as easy as just providing power to things which need it.

I've spent the last 6 hours working to put it all together and get it running with no success. If there is anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. make sure your 4+4 pin or 4 pin connector from psu is plug in motherboard at the upper left side of your board,
    note:the 3pin connectors is for graphics card
  2. Thank you for your reply, and I guess I shouldn't have said none of the cords are labled, there were two 4 pin connectors that when put together had the letters CPU1 written across them, so I just followed the owner's manual on how to install most of it.

    I've looked into it a bit recently and I hooked up the speaker for the motherboard. Now when it starts up it beeps six times before shutting down. I looked it up and it says it's a keyboard error. Since there is no keyboard attached, I'm getting ready to do an RMA.
  3. oh i have encounter that problem on my pc,when i bring my pc on shop i noticed that my pc have a faulty memory(ram) and when i replace with a new one, my pc perfectly boot without any problems
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    Plug in a keyboard and start with one stick of DRAM in slot 1, if no joy try a different stick, should go to BIOS, and may let you know you have a bad stick, another possible is that installing with no standoffs you may have shorted out the mobo - best bet may be to bench it and troubleshoot, have a guide that might help here:
  5. Wait... is it possible that it won't start up strictly because there was no keyboard attached? I never tried attaching a keyboard because I wanted to make sure everything worked first. Is a keyboard required for everything to start up properly?

    looking at this

    it looks like that is a possibility that I may have run into later had I made it past those 6 beeps, however I think they are separate problems. I've already sent the MOBO in to the manufacturer to have it looked at. Worst case scenario is I need to buy a new motherboard, which if it must be done, then I guess It'll get done. I've already spent enough on all of the other parts to stop here.

    I might try breadboarding it to install at least the OS when I get it back or get a new one.

    One thing that does irritate me is that neither in the motherboard instructions nor the case instructions did it even mention the standoffs. They were in the list of parts for the case (I missed them when initially reading through it.) but other than that I feel like parts this important should have had more than just a mention in the list. I suppose it's my fault for not doing more research first, though.
  6. Might be - have a guide that might help here:
  7. We have completely fixed the problem. As it would happen after doing the RMA with the mobo, it was still giving us the same problem. turns out it was a DoA processor giving us issues. So we RMA'd that (not easy to do with 6 days to get it there and processed in december) and when we got the new one we put it in like last time and everything started up just fine. no more issues.
  8. Glad to hear all is well ;) Have fun !
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