Need to redo Nvidia control panel settings every time I start a game.

Hey internet,

About a week ago, I took out my GTX-670 in order to De-Dust the damn thing. As soon as I put it back in, my damn NVidia control panel lost it's short term memory. Every time I start a game (any game) I have to restore to original settings and then turn triple buffering ON as well as turn V-sync onto adaptive.

IF I DON'T DO THIS: the framerate for the game will be locked at 60 (great... perfect) BUT there is screen tearing. And lots of it. And yes I have tried turning v-sync off in game as well as on.

If I turn my computer off, I have to redo the settings. If I close one game and open another, bam. Change the settings back to triple buffering on and v-sync to adaptive. If there settings are on anything else. Screen tearing up the ass.


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    you disabled nvidia services....turn it back on
  2. a1blaster said:
    you disabled nvidia services....turn it back on

    Riiiiiiiight. Let's pretend that I don't know what this is nor do I know how to do that. Nor does an internet search help in learning either of those things. How then would I proceed?
  3. Seriously though I have no idea what that means...
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