new pc parts for software development for $500 - $550


I want to build a PC strictly for programming and some older games (e.g. Warcraft 3) which I play once in a while. I'm doing this only because my current PC is more than 5 years old and I feel I need something better.

cpu: Core 2 Duo E6300
mobo: ASUS 5PB
gpu: Leadtek Winfast PX7300 GT
ram: 2x2gb Geil CL4-4-4 DDR2800
case, psu (450w): some noname

The list I'm making is pretty much based on articles from Tom's and contains these:

cpu: i5 4570 (bacause of HD 4600; I don't currently need a dedicated gpu, maybe in the future)
mobo: msi b85 g41 / asrock b85 pro4 (I'm not sure about these but I think a b85 is enough for me)
ram: kingston hyperx blu 2x4gb (seemed good enough)
psu: Sirtec EP-400 Plus (don't know if this is enough)
case: BitFenix Merc Alpha

As you can see, except for cpu, the rest are pretty cheap. That's because I don't live in US and in my country things are expensive; even the cpu is around $250 vs. $200 on newegg. For my situation, it seemed that cpu + hd is better than cpu with no/low hd + dedicated gpu. I don't need anything else since the i already have a good optical drive and a samsung ssd 840 evo 120gb. I also have 2 external hdd: 500gb supplied by usb, 1.5tb with its own power cable. My OS is Windows 7 x64 and it's very very unlikely to move to Win 8 (I don't like it). I need some suggestions about this list and better, if possible. I'll gladly provide additional information, if needed.

Thanks in advance.
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    I am not familiar with the PSU, but almost any PSU brand with 80plus and 400W will do for those specs.

    Everything seems ok to me.
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