HDMI or A/V cables for PS3 on a plasma tv?

I have a 43" Samsung Plasma TV and i have been using my PS3 on it with the cables that came with it in the box and I wanted to upgrade to HDMI. Would this improve the visuals or would the a/v cable be better considering plasma is HD ready?
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  1. Between HDMI and Component inputs there would hardly be any difference at all in quality.
    Between HDMI and RGB (SCART) there would be a big difference in quality.
    Between HDMI and S-Video there would be a bigger difference in quality.
    Between HDMI and Composite there would be a massive difference and gain in quality.
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    Depends on your TV's native resolution and which cables you're currently using. If your TV's native resolution is is above 1024x768 and you're using just the composite cables (Yellow video and Red/White audio) then switching to HDMI should provide some visual improvements. If your native resolution is above 1024x768 and you're using component cables (Red/Blue/Green video and Red/White audio), then it's unlikely an upgrade to HDMI would produce better visuals.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thankz wolfshadw

    But with that said, would component cables be better or HDMI on a 1024x768 res
  4. You would not notice the difference between the 2.
  5. I was advised that Plasma is the best for gaming and sports but now the HDMI having a small effect tells a different story???
  6. HDMI and Component are just different connection mediums, HDMI is digital and Component is analog. As for Plasma they do have a faster response times and deeper contrast ratio, although the response times on LCD are catching up.
  7. As Hairystuff states, you're not going to notice a difference between component cables and HDMI.

    -Wolf sends
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