Hard Drive Format Issues

Im about to throw this dam drive out the window im trying to format a brand new drive i know im not that computer savvy but it keeps says windows cannot format the system partition on this disk so i go into its properties and i see system in the security tab and i delete it still nothing.
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  1. "system partition" typically refers to the windows installation your are running from. That of cause can not be formate. If it's a brand new drive in opposite, you need to create a partition first.
  2. how do i create one and how can it say system partition if i never evan put windows on it its fresh from the package as well
  3. We need more details! Please provide the full story! You say it's fresh from the package, but is it an internal or external drive? You are trying to format it from explorer or disk management?
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    nvm i found my mistake i saw a disk at the top thinking it was the new one just named system reserved but found what to do here.

    sorry for the trouble guys
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