Virtual Machine help? Are they an alternative for dual booting?

So i'm building a hackintosh, i want to try out mac and simply don't have the money for an apple mac. The build is a core i5 3570, GA B75M D3H, 8gb ram, 120gb ssd + 320GB HDD, undecided 500w psu, and in the future possibly a gtx 760.

So i was originally going to dual boot mountain lion and windows 8 or 7, but i learnt about this program called parallels.
I've tried virtual machines on windows in the past (VMware) I ran windows 8 from a windows 7 laptop, and it was terrible, i had all the virtual machines settings maxed out (4gb ram + 4 amd cores @ 1.5ghz)

With my new build running MAC ONLY, if i run windows 8/7 on a virtual machine will it be like running windows 8 normally? I understand that there will be drawbacks as i'll be running two OS's at the same time.
But will it be fluent and usable?
What would gaming be like on the vm with the gtx 760?

Thanks, all opinions are appreciated!
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  1. not an expert here but in terms of gaming it wont be possible to game on a vm at decent fps, atleast a couple of years ago that was the case, vm requires a huge amount of processing power
  2. actually there is such a thing call boot camp with in the mac os you can make it to where you can dual boot into windows. with out using parallels
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