I have 2GB of memory installed and I see that 1.5GB is unusable

I'm using Windows 7 64 Bit operating system. My computer is running very slow. I look at the memory installed and windows is telling me that there is 1.5 GB that I can't use.
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    with intel chipset some of the memory is unusable to windows.
    use msconfig and turn stuff off that loading in start up that you dont need. run ccleaner and defrag and malware scan. also if you have some open ram slots add some more ram.
  2. Hi
    You may have Integrated GPU and you sett you BIOS to share 512 to the GPU
    Or you can try this :
    - in the Run
    - msconfig
    - boot tab
    - advanced option
    - sett Maximum memory to 2048
    - OK > OK
    - reboot
    Check for the problem solved ?
  3. Windows 7, plus whatever else is running, will use about 1.5GB by itself. This could be why it's unavailable, since it's already being used. The reason your computer is slow is because having only 2GB RAM, Windows has to use your hard drive for memory which is extremely slow. Increasing the amount of RAM from 2GB to 4GB will make a world of difference.
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