Can i play black ops 2 on this laptop?!$pcmcat247400050000&cp=1&lp=2#tab=specifications If you go here you can see the laptop i want for Christmas. I want to know if it could run bo2 on lowest graphics. Please help!
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  1. No. it will run but not very well. some high end machines have trouble running cod black ops 2. It has intel graphics which is not made for gaming

    Intel® HD Graphics 4000
    Third-generation on-processor graphics provide proficient image quality for Internet use, photo editing, video streaming and casual games.

    Casuual games like bejeweled blitz and angry birds
  2. Oh well i've seen people play it on the HD Graphics 4000
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    I misread you said black ops 2 not ghosts that will probably run in single player but will suffer on multiplayer. the second laptop would be a better choice. Nvidia GT650m and the 7730m are comparably the same it should have no problem playing those games in medium settings
  4. Thank you!
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