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My friend has the ASUS Desktop PC CG8350 Series, and she would like to do a factory reset, but she hasn't gotten a support DVD with the desktop. I am wondering that is that system dependant on a support DVD to be able to reset into factory settings.

I've been browsing on Asus own site and even the manual, but all I could come to was "Recover your system, using dvd (on selected models)" which didn't help a lot to know which models have ability to get factory reseted without a recovery DVD.
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  1. You should ask your friend to establish if she has a 'Recovery' partition.

    To find out, go to 'Computer' and right-click on each of the partitions on the boot drive and add up the 'Size' of each partition.

    Do you know the size of the drive?

    If not, go into BIOS and have a look at the drive there. That will yield the size of the bootable drive.

    If you find that the sum of the sizes of the partition falls a long way short of what BIOS has told, then there could be a 'recovery'partition on the drive.

    F9, F10 and F11 are the keys that usually get recovery underway.

    Try pressing one of these keys at boot-up and see what happens.
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