Windows 8.1 - "Store not supported by this version of Windows" message (in the Store)

Updating Windows 8 to 8.1 (today, 16 Nov 2013) through the store on my Dell laptop, everything as expected, but start up, check a few things, sanity checks, thing seem to work isch, then I hit the store to check for 8.1 updates to apps or just to generally check things work.

I get "Store not supported by this version of Windows" when entering the store. All updates have been installed under "Update and Recovery" and still same.

Laptop driver issue or Win 8.1 issues?

This guy has the same issue for a graphical explanation,

Not that it helps, but I couldn't find anything on google on this.
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    I would try running a Windows Store reset. You can do this by typing "wsreset" without quotes into the Start Screen. Reboot the machine, and then go back into the Store and check again.

  2. Thanks alot, I was about ready to try anything. I did some updates to drivers and then rebooted, so not sure if the wsreset was done for me, but it is working now.

    Win 8.1 has been funky to say the least, lost my wired netcard earlier just like that and had a screen go black and not respond in any way on suspend too, not that those didn't go away with a reboot but it is definately not a seasoned update :)

    Definately wrote this trick down for later if it happens again. May I ask where/how you found that out or the origin of knowing that? (Just curious)
  3. I noticed it suggested here on the forum to someone in another thread. Stuck it in my back pocket for future reference :)
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