A10-4600M in a Toshiba Satelite C850D-11Q

Would that actually work? I know such a thing is not supported at all but could it work?
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  1. It will not be possible since the A10-4600m's socket is FS1r2 while the E1-1200's socket is BGA413.
  2. Thought not. Been looking around and the AMD Dual-Core Processor E-450 caught my eye. Also the E2-2000.
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    The "BGA" in BGA413 means the CPU is soldered directly into the motherboard. The "413" is the number of pins you must de-solder in order to remove the E1-1200 APU. Installing E2-2200 (assuming the BIOS will even recognize it) means you have to re-solder the 413 pins. The E-450 is likely a downgrade.
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