Safe OC on Athlon II X4 620?

I've been messing with overclocking since i upgraded my mobo to this: i have a athlon II X4 620, and got up to 3.25 on normal voltage (1.4v). i then pushed it further and i got 3.6ghz stable on 1.536v. i know 1.55v is said to be the maximum, and this gets pretty close to it, what i want to know is if this is worth it, or should i scale back slightly to stay under 1.5v, or even lower.
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  1. If it is staying cool OK but safer to bring down the volts.
  2. the cpu doesn't get any hotter than 40C because i'm running it on water, but i'm afraid the vrm will get too hot, and burn out.
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    Like I said safer to bring down the volts.
    There is VRM protection on the board
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