Intel i5 4670K vs AMD FX-8350

Which one of these is overall better for a homebuilt?
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  1. 8350 > 4670k in multi-threaded tasks.
    4670k >= 8350 in gaming

    The 4670k will perform better in most games than the 8350, but sometimes will be on par with the 8350.
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    David Freeman said:
    Which one of these is overall better for a homebuilt?

    i5 is better in multitasking and gaming too.
    i5 have 4 core but very heavy duty.
    FX8350 have 8 cores but weaker then i5's 4 cores.

    i5 will out run amd in many regards.
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  3. Look i respect both companies but intel core i5 4670k somehow is jus BETTER..example= fx has 8 core whereas 4670k has 4 cores but 4670k is better in benchmarks and performance.. intel is a very experience and succesfull company and since u can see fx 8 core is just no match for intel's 4 noone can mess with intel's technology.. but u can buy amd's graphics card it is pretty impressive though...IF U HAVE MONEY GO FOR 4670k..IF UR HARD ON BUDGET GO FOR's my opinion don't feel sad if ur amd fanboy..accept that intel is just better for gaming..amd is good for streaming and video stuff..
  4. For floating point math, which is you need for games and multimedia, AMD does not even have that many available "cores". First note that the AMD architecture uses modules, each with two integer cores but only one shared floating point unit. So when they say 8-cores, they refer only to integer cores. For highly multi-threaded game or multimedia application, AMD's FX8XXX CPUs will act more like quad-core with hyperthreading. In my humble opinion, for an average user, per-core performance is still the king. It's hard to think of games or desktop programs, besides certain multimedia content creation, that would use enough threads to overload four cores.
  5. The 8350 is going to usually be better at multi-threaded tasks. Like the above poster mentioned, it's not great when it comes to floating point math or when things arent that greatly multi-threaded.

    The i5-4670k is currently better for games, but even with the 8350 costing $190, the I5-4670K is noticeably more expensive with it being usually $30 more costlier.
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