0xc00000e9 Error installing Windows 7


Okay, so I tried to install a pirated version on windows 7 on my windows 8 Vaio (I know this was a mistake to begin with) and ended up deleting all info, including windows 8 from my pc, without getting 7 installed. So when I started it up, I just got a black screen saying "operating system not found".

I went out and bought myself a legit copy of 7 to try to get my pc working again. I bought a link to the iso dl, along with the product key. I've downloaded the iso on my gf's macbook, and I burned it to a blank dvd.

Now whats happening is I pop the dvd in my vaio, and it starts to do it thing, but then I get the 0cx00000e9 error saying that there has been a problem communicating with a device.

Any ideas what the problem is here? The disk seemed to be working fine. I burned it using the mac disk utility.

Secure boot is disabled, and legacy boot is enabled.
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  1. I burned another cd, and now its working!
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