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my cpu always running at full clock rate ??

i7 4770
3.83 ghz is showing in task manager
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  1. This might be a bios setting or a application requesting full cpu power.
  2. It should be. If its running lower you loose performance, so you want it at full clock rate. Unless you mean usage?
  3. all time even if pc is idle it shows utilization 1% on idle and speed 3.83 ghz

    is that normal
  4. When idle? If so something's hogging it. Try antivirus/malware/spyware scan.
  5. The speeds in GHz should not change, but the usage at idle should not pass 5% with peak 10% ever. If it does there is something running, which is most likely a virus.
  6. thanks ...i solved it my power option was set to high performance.i set it to balanced......what is best mode for gaming???
  7. For gaming high performance usually works best, it allows for higher clocks and more frames. Its not the BIGGEST difference, but it has some effect.
  8. ok ..should i set it back to high performance
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    If it uses too much of the CPU you can always put it back. I have mine in high performance, but its nice to set it down occasionally.
  10. thanks ....
  11. Leaving it on balanced should be fine for gaming. It'll use max frequency when you're actually running applications. Only time I've found speedstep to be bad is when you're doing a lot of on-demand processing off an idling CPU. In which case it usually takes the processor a few milliseconds or tasks before it reacts and "accelerate" to max frequency. In that case, it is very job/industry specific (ie. loading/processing images or data on demand).

    High performance will not affect gaming as once a game loads even on balanced power mode, it is constantly running and the processor will be at constant high frequency. I'm running OpenXcom (game that can run on a single core computer) right now in Window mode and it is running 3.84GHZ on turbo (i7 4770 3.4ghz) with balanced power mode.

    For a home user, there really isn't any point to using high performance mode (speedstep or c-state off). I just set balanced mode with sleep off. Unless you need the quick processing power coming off of idle. Only thing I can think of where high performance will benefit a home user is loading webpages with lots of graphics maybe, but even then, it would have to be high-res graphics. Only reason I know is I work at a medical imaging company where the CPU plays a huge role in processing x-ray images on sporadic demand. If you're running a server however, having high performance is crucial (that is if you're not worried about spending on power) as you want the quick response time for client requests.
  12. sahil02 said:
    thanks ...i solved it my power option was set to high performance.i set it to balanced......what is best mode for gaming???

    I never even gave that a thought, the power settings. Thanks for the tip.
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